Sunday, March 7, 2010

Give Me Back My Nap Time

When is your “down” time? What I mean is when is the time of the day when you simply feel so tired and zoned out? For me, I tend to feel sleepy around two to four o’clock in the afternoon when I just finished lunch. During this time, no caffeine will wake me up and no music can boost my energy back to my normal range. All I can manage to do is attempt to pretend taking notes while resting my drooping head on my carefully positioned palms (although I usually fail by clashing straight onto the desk). I asked my friends and I figured out many people have different times of the day when they feel so tired. Then, I would ask myself, why can’t we have nap times like in kindergarten years? Should taking naps throughout the day be considered as lazy or feeble? Well, rest assured. According to this study done in UC Berkeley, an hour nap can boost your energy and brain power! Perfect scientific excuse and justification to taking naps daily! Hooray!

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