Monday, March 29, 2010

Coffee Love

At some point in my life, coffee became an essential part of my life. At first, I would douse my coffee with sweet creamers and sugar to eliminate the bitter taste. Now, I like it dark, or rather black, with no creamers (well, maybe with a little bit of sugar). Most of people see coffee as a drink with quite a few negative effects: caffeine to stunt your growth, sleep-disorder, addiction, etc. Despite all these well-known negative effects, coffee is still one of the most beloved drinks in history. If you are black coffee lover like me, be delighted that you have another reason to love your cup of joe. Black coffees have a stomach-friendly chemical called N-methylpyridium (NMP) which blocks the ability of the stomach cells to produce hydrochloric acid and reduce stomach irritation. NMP is created only when the coffee bean is roasted and it is not in raw coffee bean. Thus, dark-roast coffees can be stomach-friendly and morning-friendly for people like me who have sensitive digestive system and crave for caffeine in the morning.

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