Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moon Cream for the Moonlight

Exhausted from staring vapidly into my laptop in a pathetic attempt to figure out a way to finish my essay, I came out of my room and stared into the night’s sky for an inspiration. Full Moon. It was so bright like a giant flashlight in the sky and I was mesmerized by the brightness of the moonlight. Then I wondered, can you be tanned by the moonlight? I mean you can be tanned by the snow when you are skiing due to its reflection from the sunlight. And the moon is shining because of the sunlight as well. So, why shouldn’t people be moon-burn? This interesting and perhaps senseless inquiry remained in my mind until I read a news article in a Korean newspaper. The answer was no because the amount of reflection from the moon is not powerful enough to create a tan on human skin. But, apparently, some other people had similar questions in their mind about the moon-tanning. I’m happy to hear this news. Moonlight is way too lovely to fear it for its ultraviolet effect.

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