Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mental Illness

Mental illness is, more than often, viewed as a chronic and pathological weirdness. And weirdness frequently sabotages one’s social life. However, despite its weirdness stigmatization, the mental illness rate is increasing world-wide. Depression, anxiety disorder, mood disorder… There are so many mental illnesses increasing these days. Therefore, I think it is a great idea that the new healthcare bill is including mental illness. Many times, mentally ill patients were rejected from health insurance because they were categorized as chronic disease. A recent article from NY times stated that President Obama signed a law that expands parity to much wider pool so that people suffering from illnesses like bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia can get coverage for health insurance. I think this is a great movement; mental illness should definitely be part of the health insurance. Many times, mentally ill people do not have stable occupation because of their illness which makes it more difficult for them to buy the medications. This new healthcare bill is going to work better for them.

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