Sunday, April 11, 2010

When You Wish Upon a Star

Indeed, we are so caught up in our own world that it is hard to imagine how minuscule and how insignificant our existence may be compared to the universe and cosmos out there. But, if you have had a chance to look up at the sky and just feel the cosmos staring back at you, you will be amazed at the smallness of the earth and the smallness of yourself. People first thought that the sun revolved around the earth. Then they realized that the earth revolved around the sun. And then they found out that sun is just a star among the billions of other stars in galaxy that revolved around each other. Afterward, people realized that our galaxy is one of many billions in the Universe that is constantly expanding. The more scientist study astronomy, the more they are confused and the more they are surprised by the infinity of the universe. So, when you feel like you are about to explode with your current life, look up in the sky at the darkest hour of the night. What looms as an insurmountable problem will dissipate with time. It's just a small thing happening to a small person in a small earth.

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