Friday, April 23, 2010

Power of Music

Music governs my life. I believe MP3 players to be one of the greatest innovations in human history. Without music my life would be devoid of color, happiness, and creativity. And I believe the importance of music is something many people can agree without doubt. An interesting blog about music and its influence in brain activity was posted in a South Korean website. The blog post was based off of an episode from National Geographics. When people hear music that is exciting to the point of making them jumpy and full of energy, that means that music is stimulating the release of dopamine in their brain. Moreover, music brings back memories related to that music. Cognitive Daily also introduces a study that demonstrates the power of music which can affect viewer's character evaluations in a film. I don't think human beings can live without music. It makes us move, it makes us remember, it makes us feel--all the qualities that make us human!

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